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A lot more options can be found in the purchased them!

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  • Sale

    Assorted Bread

    This pack consists of our best breads. A super duper collection of assorted breads, freshly baked every day to be as tasty as possible.

    From: $4.99
  • Baguette


    Fresh baguette made only from the best ingredient. Our bakery staff gets up very early every morning to create this tasty bread. Have a bite and you will feel like in Paris.

    From: $0.49
  • Sale


    Treat you with this special bread that is created from a middle age recipe. Why would you not want to have the same bread as kings and queens hundreds of years ago?

    From: $1.49
  • Sale

    Sesame Bread

    This bread is baked freshly every morning and shipped only after it has passed our strict quality checks. You will probably not get better sesame bread anywhere else.

    From: $1.75