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How to recreate permalinks

Sometimes you get a ‘Page not found’ error 404 when you click a link in wordpress. Even as the page was created and linked with wordpress the link is broken.

It usually happens when you update a plugin or wordpress itself and can be fixed in 99% of the cases with a simple recreation of the permalinks.

What are permalinks

Permalinks are the “structure” your links (URL) look like. They define if your URL e.g. to your blog posts is organised with month and years in the URL or with a custom string like ‘blog’ or ‘news’.

How to recreate the permalinks

Recreating these permalinks structure is quite simple.

  1. Log into your wordpress backend
  2. Navigate to >Settings >Permalinks
  3. Select any permalink structure and save
  4. Then select the permalink structure you want and save again

That’s it. Every time you change something on the permalink structure and save wordpress creates all links based on the selected permalink structure and updates them in your database.

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