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Improve your customer service with a livechat

We implemented the livechat from LiveChat Inc into all of our theme demos to bring our customer service to the next level. From the first day on we just loved the simplicity. Within minutes we had the first user in the livechat and since then we see a significant impact on sales and customer satisfaction.

The chat was set up in just one minute by implementing a single line of code and we can take the chats in the browser, in the apps for Mac/Windows as well as on our iPad, iPhone and Android. And when we’re not online to answer the chat, users can just leave us a message and we get back to them later. But the best bit is that it starts at only $16/month and the first 30 days are totally free!

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to improve the customer service of your webshop we definitely recommend you to have a look at LiveChat Inc.

Get your 30 day trail now!

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